Employment In The Video Game Industry

By Jordan B April 12, 2017 Gaming News

This time, we’re going to introduce a few employment opportunities as well.

1. Working as a Video Game Clerk. Working at video game store or rental place – either permanently or temporarily – has got to be a teen gamer’s dream. In a single place, employees have access to the first games and game systems hot off the market and they’re privy to peek inside magazines hot off the press before anyone else. If that wasn’t enough, gaming clerks get a discount on what would otherwise be too expensive (games, game systems, and game accessories) to even think about buying. Sweet!

2. Working as a Game Tester. Before a game hits the market, it has to go through extensive testing and if you think the programmers behind the game test their own material, think again. The gaming industry is extremely sensitive about what it puts out into the public. In an effort to remain competitive, it must make absolutely sure that the games it produces work as intended. This is where testers enter the picture. But it isn’t easy to become a game tester. Becoming a game tester requires a little inside help but once you’re in there, you’ll not only have access to games that no one else knows about, you’ll also have an opportunity to shape the game into an experience that you and your comrades prefer.

3. Working as a Game Designer. Do you have good artistic skills? Can you whip out a character faster than you can say, “I drew that”? If so, you may be able to get a career designing video games. Today’s video games exude some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen and if you have a good imagination, are able to use some of the most advanced graphics software programs available, and can follow instructions, you could see your own artwork in the next popular video game.

4. Working as a Game Critic. The gaming industry is always looking for good content and if you have a flair for writing combined with a love for games, you could write for game magazines like Game Informer or you could write content for a highly popular gaming website.

5. Working as a Game Programmer. Not a career for everyone, a good game programmer is always in demand. As player preferences change and new technology is developed, someone with the right programming skills has to be there to fill the gap between what players want, and what the gaming industry can supply. Becoming a game programmer requires extensive training in several different development languages – so if you don’t have a clue as to what we just said, skip this profession and look into some of the others.

The great news about all of this is that the gaming industry shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. Even colleges are getting in on the gaming craze as they fill their course books with game programming classes and game design curriculums. There will always be an opportunity for you to blend your love for games with a steady paycheck as long as you remain dedicated to looking for these opportunities, and you make an effort to stay abreast of what’s happening in the gaming world.

Check the employment section of your local paper for more, or visit the nearest college to find out what classes and training are available. Try a google search and see what you can find, here’s 2 link’s i found in 1 minute https://www.gamesjobsdirect.com/browse-jobs/games-and-level-design-jobs/ and http://creativeskillset.org/creative_industries/games/job_roles


Copied with permission from: http://plrplr.com/70967/finding-employment-in-the-video-game-industry/

What are the best games for PS4 to play with friends – Is Rock Band The Game one of them?

By Jordan B April 5, 2017 game

“I’m on the drums”

Ever imagined you were in a rock band? Shredding the air guitar? Banging the drums? Bellowing out the vocals? Well, the time has arrived that you can now do it with Rock Band The Game. Rock Band The Game is a video game produced by MTVs Harmonix.the best games for ps4

MTVs Harmonix has come up with the ultimate in music/rhythm gaming. The creators of Guitar Hero has now produced Rock Band The Game and hopefully has it all wrapped up for the holidays. It is designed for your favorite video gaming system. Take your pick – PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and Xbox One.

You can play the game by yourself or get others to join in and play lead guitar, bass, drums or do lead vocals with you. You can have up to four players jam with you and play at the same time. What a potential good time!

the best games for ps4

There are many different levels to Rock Band video game. Congrats to Rock Bands creators for coming up with such an innovative, multi-layered game. No more sitting on the sidelines for you parents. Now you can play along with your kids as part of the same band! They will look at you in a total different light.the best games for ps4

Create your own band logo and then create your own character, complete with multiple avatars that can be set up to play a wide variety of musical instruments. Score high enough and the Rock Band game will advance you to its live performance level on each instrument or the vocalsthis is where you can actually perform your own live solos! Who needs karaoke when you can do it for real? Seriously, this game is for the young and old alike.

Judging from the pre-release hysteria, if you plan to jam with your friends and family with Rock Band, you better jump on getting a copy as soon as its released. Pre-order sales have already been limited by the manufacturer to only one per household. Best Buy is even offering a sort of Midnight Madness where you can pick up the game as soon as it is released. Amazon have this available right now. This awesome game has everyone in the family wanting to play.

the best games for ps4

Harmonix has plans to eventually set up an international, online Rock Band gaming community where you can go to find new band members or just have a jam session. While theyre working on that, get your friends and coworkers to play Rock Band with you. I know one advertising agency has been playing the heck out of Guitar Hero. Rock Band game will take it to a whole new level. They are even designing a week night to play … after work. Talk about bringing comraderie to the work place.

Take it from me. Wire up your gaming system to your home theater system and enjoy the rock concert in your own studio! The Rock Band Game will make a rock star out of you. Who knows? You may be on tour this time next year. Tour meaning your friend’s house, local tavern or maybe even a cruise ship. It can be this popular.



Grab the Xbox version from here


COD COMA.. PS4 is really the best video game console for GAMERS!

By Jordan B March 31, 2017 Headsets

Thеrе’ѕ something about hаving a hеаdѕеt tо аррrесiаtе thе intriсасiеѕ оf a great ѕоundtrасk, rеаllу hеаr when уоur еnеmiеѕ аrе соming uр behind you or hаving the ability to ѕhоut рrоfаnitiеѕ across the intеrnеt with crystal сlеаr clarity. ps4 headset price
And thаnkfullу, thеrе are plenty оf grеаt gаming hеаdѕеtѕ аrоund thаt will lеt уоu do such thingѕ. There аrе ѕоmе thаt аrе соnѕоlе ѕресifiс, whilе оthеrѕ will wоrk across multiрlе рlаtfоrmѕ аnd sport designs thаt уоu might еvеn wаnt to wеаr in thе оutѕidе wоrld.
If Sоnу wаѕ trуing to mаkе a statement with thе rеlеаѕе оf itѕ PlауStаtiоn 4 соnѕоlе – it did a gооd jоb.

Unlike most of the rhеtоriс аnd оvеr inflated pre-game ѕmасk tаlk, thе PS4 appears tо hаvе dеlivеrеd оn itѕ сlаimѕ аnd is the most роwеrful console оn thе market. It has ѕееn аnоthеr overhaul of its еxtеriоr аnd ѕоmе major dеѕign modifications tо itѕ Duаl Shосk соntrоllеr. In addition, it has еxраndеd the mеmоrу and vastly inсrеаѕеd thе performance оf itѕ рrосеѕѕоrѕ. Thеѕе uрgrаdеѕ аrе clearly apparent аnd the PS4 delivers ѕtunning HD grарhiсѕ that run ѕеаmlеѕѕ аnd lightning fаѕt.

With ѕоmе niсеlу еԛuiрреd exclusive gаmе titlеѕ, ѕtrеаming ассеѕѕ, and multiрlауеr сараbilitiеѕ, PlауStаtiоn еnthuѕiаѕt will mоѕt likely greet thе newest аrrivаl with ореn аrmѕ. Nоt tо mеntiоn thе price fоr this соnѕоlе runѕ аrоund $100 lеѕѕ than itѕ аrdеnt rival – thе Xbоx Onе. A it stands today, thе PS4
hаѕ made ԛuitе аn еntrаnсе.
Pеrfоrmаnсе: 5.0 / 5.0
Thе PS4 has a ѕinglе-сhiр рrосеѕѕоr thаt соmbinеѕ an еight соrе x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” CPU with a 1.84 teraflop GPU. It’ѕ ѕuрроrtеd with 8GB оf GDDR5 RAM and hаѕ a 500GB mесhаniсаl hard drivе. Sony bоаѕtѕ that itѕ new hаrdwаrе allows it tо реrfоrm ten timеѕ better thаn thе lаttеr PS3. Thаt’ѕ quite an imрrеѕѕivе feat.
Another nice tоuсh iѕ thе fасt thаt thе PS4 соmеѕ with a 500GB drivе. Thiѕ еxtrа space hеlрѕ whеn dоwnlоаding mоviеѕ аnd gаmеѕ frоm thе PlayStation mаrkеt. If уоu ever fееl рrеѕѕеd for ѕрасе, don’t wоrrу, bесаuѕе thе hаrd drive саn аlѕо be uрgrаdеd by dо-it-уоurѕеlfеrѕ withоut voiding thе warranty.
The HD grарhiсѕ of thе PS4 are ѕtunning and thе consoles responsiveness iѕ presently unmаtсhеd. What’s even more imрrеѕѕivе iѕ thе fact thаt this mасhinе саn perform аt such a high end level withоut sounding like a jеt оn a runwау оr оvеrhеаting. Not tо mеntiоn, thе еntirе роwеr ѕuррlу iѕ encased inside the unit; аѕ орроѕеd tо thе Xbоx Onе whiсh ѕtill hаѕ it аttасhеd tо thе external power соrd in аttеmрt to save ѕрасе inѕidе thе соnѕоlе.
Fеаturеѕ: 5.0 / 5.0
Thе PS4 comes in the same half mаttе black аnd hаlf glоѕѕ еxtеriоr аѕ the Xbox One. Evеn ѕtill, it has a соmрlеtеlу diffеrеnt арреаrаnсе. That’s bесаuѕе thе PS4 ѕроrtѕ a slim аnd sleek design аnd dоеѕn’t lооk like an oversized VCR from the mid 80’ѕ. I’m not ѕауing thе Xbоx оnе iѕ the ugly step-sister out оf thе bunсh, but it рrоbаblу wоuldn’t gеt asked tо thе рrоm if the PS3 was аvаilаblе аnd willing. Nоw thеn, for аll оf уоu whо juѕt gоt оffеndеd by ѕuсh a superficial ѕtаtеmеnt, I аm well aware that mоthеr always ѕаid,
“It’ѕ whаt’ѕ оn thе inѕidе thаt соuntѕ.” And in that regard, I аѕѕurе you, thе PS4 would still be thе firѕt оnе аѕkеd tо a dance.
Thе PS4 has ѕееn some mоdifiсаtiоnѕ tо itѕ components,аnd for thаt reason, аnу оf уоur оldеr PlауStаtiоn реriрhеrаl dеviсеѕ will not wоrk – imаginе thаt!

You can get a PS4 console from Amazon here

Read This: Playstation 4: Official Sony PS4 Wireless Charging Mat Review

By Jordan B March 25, 2017 charger

Playstation 4: Official Sony PS4 Wireless Charging Mat Review

For me, the PS4 is the right console for action games. I cannot play an action game unless my weapon is ready to go though. When a group of friends or my brother’s come to mine I want every controller fully charged and ready to host the people that are around me. I don’t like relying on batteries to make sure that the game goes on. I want to know for myself that the controllers are fully charged. Not saying i don’t have cables on standby.

Playstation 4: Official Sony PS4 Wireless Charging fits my needs. I hate how short the charging leads are for the ps4 so I purchased longer leads to help. You put a little charging harness on your pad, which you can always leave on as you can’t feel it in hand, and it charges perfectly just by resting it on the mat. It is a very fast charger and i believe well worth the price

You can buy the charging station cheap online through Amazon.com here.


I have never seen this kind of technology used for a gaming device before so i was intrigued when i came across it on Amazon. A good thing about this charger is that you need to plug it into the wall socket in order to power it, therefore not taking up a connection on my ps4. You can charge two Dual shock 4 controllers at one time so if you are like me and don’t want the disappointment of a flat battery, you can be sure to have a charger that will last and not wear out the connections. But how does it work?

The sleek design is a sweet touch and clearly fits in with the branding style of the Playstation 4. Numskull the manufacturer, has successfully engineered impressive use of the Wireless Charging technology with this charger which will fit in neatly into any gaming setup. I have been enjoying how well this accessory has been for me and replaced the need to put my PS4 into it’s rest mode, to charge my controllers with the long USB Cables trailing across my living room floor. Especially if the dog is pacing. This has definitely resolved my need for a quality charger for my PS4 controllers!

Here’s a review i found on YouTube which made me head straight over to Amazon

My favorite part: Messy, time-consuming, unreliable long USB cables can stay in the drawer. For serious gamers, a charging system like this is a must.

PS3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller: Looks just like the PS2 Version, but better!

By Jordan B March 25, 2017 Controller

PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller Review

The PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller is a controller that works with the player so that he or she feels as if they are truly in the game. If you want a controller that senses your moves and is easy to use, then you should definitely pick up this advanced model. Want to buy the PS3 Dual Shock Controller? You can get it cheapest on Amazon through this link.

This model is equipped with pressure sensors that rumble with the actions you make so that you feel as if you have been transported into whatever game you are currently playing. The buzz and rumble of the controller is one of its most unique components whether you are racing a car and hitting a bump that vibrates or playing a fighting game that involves pummeling your opponent. The PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller makes video game playing that much more visceral.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Dual Shock 3

  • Pressure sensors that rumble with each action making every impact.
  • Sixaxis highly sensitive motion technology senses your every move.
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless game play.
  • The PlayStation 3 system can support up to seven wireless controllers at once.
  • Can be charged at any time through the PlayStation 3 system using the controller’s USB cable.

The PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller is one that has sensitive motion technology that can sense the player’s actions. This makes playing video games that much more immediate and exciting because you can learn how to become more in-synch with any game you play. Really, this technology ups the level of gaming a person can reach. After all, with time, you will engage in an intuitive gaming experience that is made possible with these controller model’s pressure sensors and sensitivity.

You can get this wireless controller cheapest at Amazon through this link.
The Playstation 3 console is one that can support a number of Dualshock 3 Wireless Controllers. In fact, seven can be used at one time, and this makes playing video games that much more fun. John, a long-time PlayStation player, said that “playing is so much more fun when you have friends over and can hear everyone’s controllers react to play!”

Charging PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controllers is incredibly easy, another bonus to using such controllers. All you have to do is use the controller’s USB cable and connect it to the PlayStation console, and it will charge in no time at all.

Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel Review: Your Playstation will never be the same!

By Jordan B March 25, 2017 wheel

The Logitech PS3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is a rugged accessory for gamers who are serious about their racing games. Featuring an unparalleled degree of control, comfort, and performance, the PS3 Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is a lap or two ahead of the competition. If you are looking to buy this racing wheel, it is currently on sale at Amazon for £110 off through this link.

driving-force The Driving Force GT features a dynamic fine tunable adjustment dial with 24 settings. This allows gamers to fine tune their traction control system (TCS) as well as other pertinent settings on the fly without pausing or reloading. Experience customized, reliable and accurate handling race of race after race…

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • 24-position realtime adjustment dial: Fine-tune brake bias, TCS, and damper settings on the fly.
  • 900-degree wheel rotation: Go 2.5 times around lock to lock.
  • Force feedback technology: Feel every inch of the road for maximum control and the ultimate racing experience.
  • Gas and brake pedals: Get precise throttle and brake response with true-to-life pedals.
  • Sequential stick shift: Go through the gears for the ultimate in control.

The wheel itself is coated in a rubber-overmold rim which can rotate a full 900 degrees from lock to lock. The comfortable grip comes in handy when force-feedback enabled games communicate tactile information through the sturdy, one-piece design. The result is that one feels like they really are inside the game, not manipulating some abstract control in front of their television set. Further enhancing the realism of any racing game is the realistic response from brake and gas pedals. The combination of all these features and technologies is that realistic racing games now ‘feel’ realistic.

Logitech also includes a number of pre-tuned settings for all popular PS3 racing games on the market. This is ideal for those that want an incredibly realistic driving experience but aren’t gaming aficionados with the interest or know-how to tweak the settings on a driving wheel.

Want to get your hands on one of these racing wheels? Amazon has it on sale for £110 off through this link.

Here is a review from a proud current owner:

Chuck Nowinski:

“I’ve always been a fan of Logitech products because of their rugged durability combined with their incredibly intuitive and realistic feel. The Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is no exception to that long Logitech tradition, and as such I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-end force feedback wheel.”

Logitech Driving Force Wheel PS2 and PS3 Racing Wheel Review

By Mike March 25, 2017 wheel

If you are a Gran Turismo fanatic or just have a casual Need For Speed, the Driving Force Wheel is an absolute must have. Logitech has built the penultimate driving wheel for the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 consoles.

logitech-wheel1Survive hours of gameplay without cramping or soreness. The rubber coated steering wheel is totally comfortable. Even the most aggressive driver will have complete confidence in the rigid construction. The gas and brake pedals are designed and built to the highest standards. Maintain precise control over your car with careful application of the brake and accelerator. Press to hard on the brakes and send yourself into a spin on locked up tires. The superior feedback technology ensures you will feel every every bump on and off the road, where ever you take your car.

Want to buy the Driving Force PS3 Wheel? You can buy it cheapest at Amazon Here.

Let’s take a look at the features of this Logitech Playstation Racing Wheel

  • Comfortable, full-sized rubber grip wheel with 900-degree steering — turns 2 1/2 times, lock to lock
  • Switches automatically to 200-degree mode, for compatibility with other racing games
  • Wheel-mounted paddle shifters, sequential stick shift and a full set of Playstation buttons
  • State-of-the-art force feedback technology lets you feel all the action
  • Textured floorboard features and no-slip carpet grip system, for better control and a better racing feel

Experience the most realistic drive. The wheel can turn a full 900 degrees. Just what you would get with many top performance cars in the real world. The wheel is loaded with additional controls that allow you to fine tune your car in real time. Increase brake bias or ratchet up the traction control. Many games are already programed to take full advantage of the Driving Force Wheel.

This wheel is available cheap on Amazon through this link.

Gran Turismo will never be the same after you play it with the Driving Force Wheel. But that’s just scratching the surface, more than 100 games are fully compatible with the Driving Force Wheel. Order a Driving Force Wheel today and take your driving games to the next level.

PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad review – saves you a lot of time!

By Jordan B March 25, 2017 Keypad

For those of you who use all of the ps3 capabilities, I’m sure by now you have found it quite annoying switching back and forth between your keyboard and controller. Luckily, Sony made a sweet little device that combines them both into one nice compact unit.

If you want to buy the Wireless Keypad, you can buy it at Amazon here.

wireless-keypadIn comes the Playstation 3 Wireless Keypad

This is one accessory that I have boughten that I use all the time. There are very few accessories that you need for the ps3, and I think this is probably the most useful one of them all. If you use features such as web browsing and texting, I highly suggest you buy this wireless keypad. It is so convenient that it is definitely worth the $45 price tag.

Let’s look at the specs of this keypad:

  • Turns your regular controller into a texting device – also has mouse input capabilities.
  • Attaches to any DualShock 3 or SixAxis wireless controller
  • QWERTY keyboard designed for thumb only typing
  • Touchpad mouse pad.
  • Charges up right through the controllers USB port.

Only minor things that I don’t like about it.

The only real thing wrong with it is that it doesn’t have a back lit keypad – makes it hard to figure out what you are pushing if you like to game in the dark. However, after a month of practice you can type without looking so it’s not the biggest deal.

Want to buy the PS3 Wireless Keypad? It is currently on sale at Amazon through this link.

Playstation 3 headsets: the best wireless bluetooth ps3 headsets are…

By Jordan B March 25, 2017 Headsets

If you are considering buying a ps3 wireless or bluetooth headset, there are quite a few you can choose from. When it comes to gaming console headsets, I always recommend buying the brand version, however I will list a number of other 3rd party head sets that people seem to like for playing their ps3 online.

the best wireless bluetooth ps3 headsetsPlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset – This is the one I recommend to my friends because it is cheap, effective, and sexy! I really like the look of this headset – It looks like something right out of the future. Best of all it is bluetooth so it is pretty much plug and play setup which is slick. However, If you dont like ear bud style head sets, I don’t recommend this one. You can buy it here from Amazon for just under £25.

the best wireless bluetooth ps3 headsetsLogitech Cordless Vantage Headset for Playstation 3 – My favorite third party wireless headset for the ps3, hands down. This is the most comfortable headset out of all the ones I have on review on this page. It is extremely light weight and you hardly even notice you have it on – which is great for me because I hate feeling the headset on my head lol. It is a little bit more expensive than the rest, but it definitely worth it if you want a really light headset.

the best wireless bluetooth ps3 headsets—PS3 Logitech Vantage USB Headset – While this isnt a wireless headset, it is a great option for those of you who like the traditional style headsets that go over your head and have over the ear speakers. Great if you cant stand the ear bud style head phones that most are designed with. This particular head set is really cheap on amazon found here.

the best wireless bluetooth ps3 headsetsPlaystation 3 Darklite Bluetooth Headset EX-01 – This is a really popular headset third party headset that many people seem to like. It is comparable to the ps3 brand headset, however the earphone itself does not enter the ear so its great for extended game play. If you are used to having headphones in your ear, then don’t worry about this and get the ps3 brand headset. It is a nice pair of head phones and is currently on sale on Amazon here.

As you can see there are a number of options to choose from. If you are constantly online gaming on your PS3, I highly suggest you pick from either the first or second headphones on my list. These two are the best for avid gamers in my opinion.