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Read This: Playstation 4: Official Sony PS4 Wireless Charging Mat Review

By Jordan B March 25, 2017 charger

Playstation 4: Official Sony PS4 Wireless Charging Mat Review

For me, the PS4 is the right console for action games. I cannot play an action game unless my weapon is ready to go though. When a group of friends or my brother’s come to mine I want every controller fully charged and ready to host the people that are around me. I don’t like relying on batteries to make sure that the game goes on. I want to know for myself that the controllers are fully charged. Not saying i don’t have cables on standby.

Playstation 4: Official Sony PS4 Wireless Charging fits my needs. I hate how short the charging leads are for the ps4 so I purchased longer leads to help. You put a little charging harness on your pad, which you can always leave on as you can’t feel it in hand, and it charges perfectly just by resting it on the mat. It is a very fast charger and i believe well worth the price

You can buy the charging station cheap online through Amazon.com here.


I have never seen this kind of technology used for a gaming device before so i was intrigued when i came across it on Amazon. A good thing about this charger is that you need to plug it into the wall socket in order to power it, therefore not taking up a connection on my ps4. You can charge two Dual shock 4 controllers at one time so if you are like me and don’t want the disappointment of a flat battery, you can be sure to have a charger that will last and not wear out the connections. But how does it work?

The sleek design is a sweet touch and clearly fits in with the branding style of the Playstation 4. Numskull the manufacturer, has successfully engineered impressive use of the Wireless Charging technology with this charger which will fit in neatly into any gaming setup. I have been enjoying how well this accessory has been for me and replaced the need to put my PS4 into it’s rest mode, to charge my controllers with the long USB Cables trailing across my living room floor. Especially if the dog is pacing. This has definitely resolved my need for a quality charger for my PS4 controllers!

Here’s a review i found on YouTube which made me head straight over to Amazon

My favorite part: Messy, time-consuming, unreliable long USB cables can stay in the drawer. For serious gamers, a charging system like this is a must.

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